Malware Warning: Spoofed "Verified by Visa" Pop-ups

If you see a pop-up window that looks like one of these:

It is not tied to Heartland Connect or any other web-based virtual terminal. We have confirmed that these windows are actually displayed by a Trojan (malware/virus) called "backdoor.masboot" that has embedded itself in your computer. This malware/virus is also not associated with Heartland Connect or any other web-based virtual terminal in any way, nor did you receive it from our secure web site. The pop-up window occurs when the computer is already infected by this malware/virus (from another web site).

In the event you receive this pop-up, you SHOULD NOT ENTER ANY DATA INTO THE WINDOW and you are recommended to stop using the computer immediately. Then, you should contact your IT Administrator for assistance. If you do not have an IT Administrator, you need to seek professional help specifically dealing with malware/virus repair.

Additionally, you are requested to notify Heartland Payment Systems of the virus. Please call 1-888-963-3600 and enter your 5-digit business zip code. We will need to collect your Heartland Merchant Number, Business Name, Your Contact Name and Number, Date the issue started, Date the issue ended (normally would be the day you stopped using that computer), and number of Card Numbers entered in (if you are unaware of this, we can gather this information based off of the start and stop date provided).

There are legitimate instances where a "Verified by Visa" or "Verified by MasterCard" pop-up may appear, although they don't apply to a Heartland merchant accepting credit cards. Only if you are a buyer and make a purchase from a reputable online seller, might you see such a pop-up; it should show the logo of the card-issuing bank and will never request other confidential information such as "ATM PIN." In fact, you should only ever be asked for your "ATM PIN" by an ATM or a PIN pad.

Even if you haven't encountered these pop-ups, forewarned is forearmed. Be vigilant, alert, and aware! Thank you for your attention.

Heartland Payment Systems